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Alexey Yukhnin
Moderator of this forum
I am not the insolvency administrator.
I actively participate in the development of regulations in bankruptcy.
I quite often take part in the discussions in this forum.
My English level is average.


Dear colleges!

My name is Marina! I'm a lawyer and I work as an assistance of insolvency officer.
I've graduated Law Faculty of Perm State University on Department of International Law . Unfortunately now I don't have an opportunity to get practice in international sphere. So, it would be a great pleasure for me to communicate here on the issue of international fields of insolvency as well as other spheres of law in English.


Hi everybody!
I've been working as a serving court-appointed manager for more than 12 years.
I don't get into English at all.
А посему - давайте расскажем друг о друге по-русски. Будем патриотами своей страны. Готов продолжить наш разговор.


in a state of flux
Hi to all!
My name is Ayrat Gilmetdinov, Im 35 & live in Izhevsk.! I'm a Insolvency Manager. My English needs brushing up.
Уффф... Однако долго искал значение "арбитражный управляющий", вариантов много, но взял из найденного в бюллетени http://bankrupt.com/TCREUR_Public/080430.mbx (процедуру проводил LLC Alnas-Invest-Service). будем знакомы :)


Hi, dear collegues.
My name is Terry. There is a notion in anglo-american law, as trustee. This notion has the similiar meaning as "арбитражный управляющий" in Russian. This term is used in american laws and practice. So, in my opinion, using the term "Trustee" to translate арбитражный управляющий is more preferable.
No new entity is to be created during bankruptcy procedure in Russia for someone to be called a trustee. The "trust" institute comes from legal systems with law of equity as opposed to statutory law. As the debtor retains possession and the ownership title to his estate after proclaiming insolvency we can only call a person who's in charge of bankruptcy procedures an "insolvency manager". No trust relationships are possible in our legal system because there can only be one ownership to any property. The hole concept of trust with all the beneficiaries and holders of the trusteeship is yet to be developed in RF. :)


Hello, I'm Alexander Felinsky, I'm a crisis (crush)-manager. I like this job. I'm not the best off course, but I'm industrial and experienced, 'cause I managed to do it over 16 years.